Welcome to A3FlatbedScanner.com! With the increased prevalence of A3 paper size, these types of flatbed scanners and printers are being demanded more and more.

We highlight below some great A3 scanner options from reputable name brands such as Mustek, Xerox, ScanExpress, Kodak, Plustek, HP and more. We also provide some helpful and informational articles and videos regarding these styles of scanners. Have a look around!

A3 Flatbed Scanners

A scanner is an electronic device that converts a physical document into a digital copy. You can then manipulate this digital copy as well as transfer it from one place to another through the internet. Flatbed scanners are a type of scanners that have a flat surface to feed the paper and provide certain specific benefits because of their design.

A3 is a one of the 3 paper sizes that observe International Paper Standards (ISO paper sizes.) An A3 paper sheet is 297 x 420 millimeters (11.69 x 16.54 inches) in size. A3 size paper is most commonly used for bi-fold brochures and other full-size presentation or advertising documents.

Years ago, flatbed scanners and high resolution photo scanners were two separate devices. Now with technological advancements, the specifications of a flatbed scanner have evolved over time and the features of a high resolution photo scanner are now incorporated in the flatbed scanner. Nowadays, you will find that most photo scanners are simply more advanced versions of flatbed scanners.

An A3 flatbed scanner can be invaluable if you need to make digital copies of large size photos, high resolution images, or obviously the specialized A3 paper size. But, as with any type of electronics, copiers, or laser multifunction printer, buying a high quality A3 flatbed scanner is not just a matter of walking into a store and choosing a piece off the shelf.

Today, there are many manufacturers of A3 flatbed scanners and different brands offer different range of features; Mustek A3 scanners are likely the most popular, though HP and Kodak have recently introduced some models; we highlighted the pictures of a few options on this site. The prices also vary significantly from brand to brand. But, if you do your research well, you will be able to find a great deal for a high quality A3 flatbed scanner online.

Here are some tips to help you find the best deals.

  • Decide Your Budget: Different A3 flatbed scanners offer different features and are priced differently. There is a difference of thousands of dollars between the cheapest and the most expensive A3 flatbed scanners. We all want the best products, but it is crucial to be aware of our budget.
  • Purpose of the A3 Scanner: This is perhaps the second most important aspect of choosing an A3 scanner. You have to know what you are likely to use it for. If the A3 flatbed scanner is mostly going to be used for scanning text documents, you will not need to spend on a high resolution scanner. But, if you are likely to scan pictures and photos, high resolution is a must.
  • Software: Most A3 flatbed scanners come equipped with software required for scanning. This software, which is supplied by the manufacturer as part of a package deal, isn’t always of the highest quality, though it would be considered adequate for most purposes. If you are likely to scan high resolution pictures with your scanner, you are likely to need very high quality software. You will need to consider the extra expenditure for this A3 scanner software and build it into your overall cost.

  • Compare Before You Shop for A3 Scanners: Take advantage of the many different comparison shopping sites online to compare not just the prices, but also the features of A3 flatbed scanners from different manufactures. The same rule applies for A4 scanners, as well. You are also likely to find a great deal on these shopping sites.

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